Update and maintenance in progress for the ROV PlutoPalla

After 10 years of honorable service aboard the Daedalus catamaran, where it has accumulated hundreds of hours in diving at depths between about 300 and 1200m, the ROV PlutoPalla has returned to the technical laboratories of the Idrobotica for extraordinary maintenance and updating which have the aim of replacing and adapting its components with the latest technological advances.

The PlutoPalla is the first unit of a new generation of wire-guided vehicles for deep water in the PLUTO ROVs’ family, designed and built by Guido Gay 10 years ago through continuous experimentation and improvement.

Experiments and improvements that have therefore continued in recent years through use in the field as part of the scientific research activities of Azionemare; the best test bench to highlight operational, technical and methodological criticalities, always with a view to an improvement aimed at obtaining the maximum result with the minimum expenditure of means and resources.

The changes made to PlutoPalla include the replacement of some electronic components that will make it possible to send the video signal in digital format instead of analogue, as already happens on MultiPluto Rov.

This solution will consequently improve the resolution of the surface video transmission used for navigation.Other important updates concern automatic altitude and driving controls, the installation of new software and the complete replacement of internal hardware with new components.