3d relief of a Roman wreck loaded with ancient marbles.

The three-dimensional study of the Dae 37 wreck from the Imperial Roman era was completed. The wreck consists of a load of marble coming from the port of Luni and presumably heading to Rome.
The load is composed of a large block roughly 8 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and more than 2 meters high, weighing over 100 tons, plus other squared blocks of 150 total tons, not to mention how much it can be hidden, sunk in the seabed mud.
Few Dressel 2-4 amphorae for use by the crew allow to determine the historical period and give a dimensional reference.
Hard to imagine how the experts of that time could be transported by land, pick up and deposit in a ship a weight like that.

(The processing of the video footage was carried out by Dr. Elisa Costa of the Cà Foscari University of Venice under the direction of Professor Carlo Beltrame.)