3d relief of a Roman wreck loaded with ancient marbles.

The three-dimensional study of the Dae 37 wreck from the Imperial Roman era was completed. The wreck consists of a load of marble coming from the port of Luni and presumably heading to Rome.The load is composed of a large block roughly 8 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and more than 2 meters high, weig[...]

UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY: Ancient roman amphorae retreived

The ROV MULTIPLUTO operated fron Catamaran DAEDALUS has recovered amphorae of 2000 years ago from a wreck lying 460 metres deep north of Capraia island.The relics are unbroken type Laetana 1 and Dressel 1C amphorae from Spain transporting wine to Rome.Archaeologists from Soprintendenza Pisa-Livorno [...]


The deep rov MULTIPLUTO has discovered the remains of a roman ship sunk north of Capraia island 2000 years ago, during a navigation presumably to transport a load of wine from Spain to Rome.This is the roman wreck number 38 found by the catamaran DAEDALUS, in an area around Cape Corse and islands Go[...]

New black coral species found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Discovered within surveys of the Project Biomount, headed by the researcher Marzia Bo from the University of Genova and targeting the biological investigation of the tops of underwater mountains, or seamounts.The peaks of Cialdi and Etruschi seamounts (Central Tyrrhenian Sea) have been explored for [...]

Discovered 5 new Roman ANCIENT WRECKS.

During navigation on the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Sea, five Roman ANCIENT WRECKS have been discovered at a great depth, including an important wreck that has never been ruined by bottom trawls.[...]

Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy visit the DAEDALUS catamaran.

August 8, 2016 - Guido Gay and Gabriella Covacci were honored to receive the visit of Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy aboard the DAEDALUS catamaran.Were illustrated to the Prince the resources and instruments that have allowed the discovery of the ROMA BATTLESHIP. The Prince expressed interest and[...]

CORSEMATIN : The Saracen and the Crispi together in the legend.

Guido Gay, who has recently discovered the wrecks of the submarine HSM SARACEN and that of the steamship FRANCESCO CRISPI, during the specialized trade show Oceanology International 2016 shows us his new MULTIPLUTO (vehicle for underwater researches up to -4000 m). Next to him Terry Hodgkinson,[...]

Mission on the "Gioberti" shipwreck.

The Italian Navy has conducted a "dual use" mission (with the use of a minesweepers for civilian purposes) on the wreck of GIOBERTI DESTROYER, bringing on board of the GAETA ship the PLUTO underwater robots piloted by Guido Gay. [...]