Protection of environment and of underwater cultural heritage is one of the aims of Azionemare Foundation. The ancient Roman archaeological sites that we have discovered on the deep seabed are constantly subject to damage caused by trawling.

We have therefore taken steps to raise awareness among the Coast Guard. After the first contacts with the Port Authority (CP) of La Spezia we had a meeting with the commander of the CP of Livorno, Rear Admiral Giuseppe Tarzia and recently with the Division Admiral Giorgio Lazio who commands Marina Nord in La Spezia, from whom the Capitanerie of Northern Italy depend.The result was a push to concretely solve the problem.

In La Spezia, on whose jurisdiction two archaeological sites depend, a rapid initiative carried out in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendence of Liguria will make it possible to issue orders banning fishing on the sites and to have an effective electronic system of remote surveillance and sanctions for violations.
In Livorno, in whose waters there are as many as 22 deep Roman sites, the response of the Superintendency of Pisa to the requests of the Port Authority is currently nil. We will see if they continue to be in hiding for a long time.