The Port Authority of La Spezia has issued an ordinance (Ordinance no. 68/2020 of 13 May 2020) for the safeguarding of two deep archaeological sites: the Daedalus 12, discovered in 2012 and the Daedalus 21 discovered in 2014.

These are of two ancient Roman wrecks of great interest to the Archaeological Superintendence of Liguria. From now they will be protected from damage caused by trawling.The Harbor Master's Office has activated an automatic remote surveillance system that will make it possible to detect violations of the fishing ban and to sanction the responsible boats.

Fishermen will also benefit as the amphorae deposits are breeding grounds for shrimp.Now we are waiting for this system to be implemented also by the Livorno Harbor Office in whose marine area of competence we have discovered 22 Roman wrecks.