Roman amphorae recovered from the Daedalus 21 wreck

The MULTIPLUTO on board of the catamaran DAEDALUS has recovered 10 finds of 2000 years ago, from a Roman shipwreck located 506 meters deep off the island of Tinos.

The site, substantially intact, shows a deposit that includes about 2000 amphorae, of which 878 visible on the surface, of different types: there are Adriatic models for oil conservation and models of the Punic tradition, as well as jars, jugs and mugs that indicate that the ship was transporting different goods, such as dried fruit.

The recovery was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Simone Luca Trigona, Coordinator of the Technical Service for Underwater Archaeology of the Superintendency of Genoa.

The recovered amphorae, jugs and vases will be kept immersed in fresh water for about two months. At the end of the desalination process, once completely dried, they can be studied and then exhibited to public.