DEEP ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES: the protection activity is extended.

The Port Authority of Porto Torres in Sardinia has issued an ordinance (No. 50/2020) with which it establishes trawling bans on 6 sites of ancient Roman wrecks discovered by the DAEDALUS catamaran at great depth. The forbidden areas will be monitored by the operations center through satellite surveys that will trigger automatic alarms in case of violation.

This is a new methodology already developed and tested by the Coast Guard of La Spezia. At the suggestion of our Foundation and with the patronage of the North Navy Command Division Admiral Giorgio Lazio, with the interest of the Captain Vessel Maurizio Trogu of the Maritime Director North Sardinia, with the active collaboration of Dr. Gabriella Gasperetti of the Archaeological Superintendency of Sassari, of the CF Paolo Bianca of the Captaincy of Olbia and CF Gianluca Oliveti Coast Guard Commander of Porto Torres, a highly effective system was put into operation in a very short time.