Azionemare has always been attentive to the issue of sustainability, the protection of marine ecosystems and the damage caused by pollution.
The Daedalus catamaran has been designed to respect the environment as much as possible.
It uses the thrust of the wind as its main driving force, it is equipped with solar panels that power all the on-board systems and recharge the batteries of the ROVs.
Thanks to the very effective desalinator on board, it is possible to always have drinking water available; differentiating and recycling are the essential norm and plastic is never a particularly welcome guest. In fact, during our explorations, we often notice how neglect and excessive use of this material causes pollution even at great depths.
This is a real threat to deep ecosystems, and the extent of the phenomenon is still largely unknown: today only 19% of the ocean floor is mapped.
The problem of plastic disposal was highlighted with the 26th United Nations World Climate Conference. According to the WWF, around 8 million tons end up in the sea every year, not to mention the more subtle threat of microplastics, which affects the Mediterranean in particular. The United Nations has declared 2021 - 2030 the Decade of Marine Sciences for Sustainable Development. This initiative aims at the protection of biodiversity, the restoration of degraded ecosystems, and at a greater monitoring of habitats and species at risk.
In Italy, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, following the UN Agenda 2030, has placed among the political priorities the extension of protected land and marine areas to 30% of the national territory by 2030.